Jul 24, 2010

Focal Characteristics

Oddly focused things found around my room


Aury said...

Woah, it feels like the time (okay times) I tried on my friend's glasses.

Pretty though and always really interesting to see things in a new way.

Joy said...

hah you inspire me!! i want to do this now... :)

wallflower said...

Haha glad you like it.
It's so fun. The most boring things can look interesting if you just change the focus.

rebecca said...

I love the second one! I've no idea what it's of, but the photo is lovely (:


merel said...

Ahh you have a freaking nice blog!! Thanks for your inspiration!!

Lane said...

I always love playing with the focus on my film cameras hours of fun haha :)


Be Kind For Everyone You Know Is Fighting A Battle said...

just wanted to say i saw what you wrote on charrs blog and its really good. we need people like you to constantly question us and what you said seemed really sweet and that you just care which is soo nice :)

Sam Liu said...

I wish I was such a wonderful photographer as you are, Dori, these pictures are rather brilliant :)

Elaine said...

What are they?

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

wallflower said...

The first one is some art things I can't mention yet. Secret!

The second one is a wire sculpture I made once.

The third one is simply my computer speaker.

The next one is the other side of my desk lamp.

And the last one is just thread!

I did tweak some of the colours and shades in photoshop though.

Elaine said...

I see it now! I want to know what the first one is.

wallflower said...

Haha, it's something hanging from a lamp I have. I can't say what though because it's something I've been making for moooooonths since I'm procrastinating.

I hope to finish it by the end of the summer. :)

Mohamed Mughal said...

Looks like memory flashes from an alien abduction. BTW, I just gave your blog the Trendy Blog Award in my latest post :). Congrats on having such an interesting blog!


These photos are amazing. Truly amazing. I love it. :) <3

Lynda Young said...

I love art and photography and these pics are great :)

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