Apr 1, 2010

Earth is calling 911

Earth Calling 911

Earth needs help, we need a super hero.
On a similar note, click here for a list of 100 ways to save the environment.


Anonymous said...

Go Dori!! Go earth!! This is what we should believe in!
I'm secretly paranoid about waking up one day and having everything green gone. Or wasted. Or both.
Besides that list, you can always join Greenpeace or Avaaz or many organizations like that and be an online activist, sign pledges and else. And that helps the save the earth believe it or not.

Patricia Snook said...

Ooh what an awesome drawing!

Have a super fab easter weekend xoxo

The Man from Amsterdam said...

So true, the earth needs help we are destroying it!!

Anonymous said...

oh, i love this! did you draw it? i love the style :)

wallflower said...

Thanks. :)

Yes, I drew it with pencil - made the drawing a little nicer on photoshop!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love it and how true it is.

Giovanna ♥ said...

Love this post!! Earth needs help indeed and we're the only ones who can do something about it.
You have a lovely and unique blog :)

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