Mar 26, 2010

Quote #13 - Growing Up

"I want to grow up, but I'm afraid it's going to be permanent."
Basically, I love being young, silly, crazy, wild, imaginative, strange, or loud. I love being able to do crazy things, be adventurous, and not care about what anyone else thinks.

I also want to grow up, too! I just know so many grown-ups who seem to have lost their inner child. What if it's inevitable?

I feel like I'm stuck in between. I think I just have this idea in my head that being a grown-up will mean being boring.


Caroline said...

I feel the exact same way!!! I hope I am the coolest 85 year old woman around. Enjoy your Friday!! XO

Julie said...

One of my favorite quotes ever--

"When you grow up, your heart dies."

-Allison, the Breakfast Club

Randi said...

i dont think we ever "grow up"

Caitlin said...

I feel like i'm inbetween too. I like your blog a lot, it makes me think. :)

Patricia said...

You can never be boring dorikins. LOLL i will donate a game systen to you when youre 80 to beat kk? Cool.

Malou said...

Almost 50 Followers and your blog is so new!
I love it. (:
And that quote is so true.'
Love, Malou.

Simply Valorie said...

I assure you, there are "grown ups" who have definitely still retained their inner child. You will! :)

Kayla said...

No one wants to be a grown up. I realized this when I got a mortgage. There's no escaping it.


wallflower said...

Julie, that quote is sad.. but it makes me want to rebel against it!

Randi, maybe you're right. Maybe we're the same person throughout our whole lives.. but still feel like growing up changes people so much.

Patricia, can it be Gamecube? I still have to be Super Mario Sunshine..

Malou, yeah weird isn't it!? And thanks.

Valorie, thanks!

I feel like I'm battling this whole growing up thing. I noticed that more and more, I'm being judged for acting certain ways... although I really don't think it should be taken so seriously. Life shouldn't be taken so seriously!

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