Mar 6, 2010

Quote #1 - Tickling

"Anger in disguise.
Also known as, being tickled."

I like writing things sometimes. I go through phases with it (just like everything else). Sometimes I make up quotes based on thoughts or experiences. You're going to see more of those.

This one is just about my hatred for being tickled. I absolutely despise it more than anything. I can't stand the feeling and how angry it makes me even though I appear to be enjoying it. I also hate how it makes me have to pee.


janis said...

i think my boyfriend would agree with you 100%. he hates it when i tickle him - and can't even get me back b/c i'm not ticklish at all! mwahahah!

anyways, my blog title comes from a weepies song - there's a lyric that goes "i hold so many people in my suitcase heart" - which i LOVE because i've met so many people through traveling!

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